We cater to both the commerial and residential sectors, offering a wide variety of locks, keys and other security items to suit both. Using only the highest quality of product available, we plan to make our visits something that will leave you feeling secure, and confident in the product purchased.


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Broken into?

There is nothing more upsetting than having your property broken into. Most of the time the locks have been destroyed as part of the forced entry. Sometimes its just the keys which have been stolen, in these instances we think that replacing the lock and cutting new keys is the best resolution, it brings greater peace of mind, and leaves you with a better feeling of security. We aim to have a fast turnaround for cases such as these so that the customer is left feeling safe and secure.

Lock Upgrades?

Just moved in? or the old locks just looking a bit tired. Maybe the key is just that little bit harder to turn than normal. Upgrading your locks is always a good idea. When moving into a new house you might be unsure if there are extra sets of keys still out there, again we would suggest replacing the lock. If the locks are getting harder to work, or even just a bit stiffer than usual, this could be a sign that they are about to fail and could cause great inconvenience when they do fail and even be a security risk.

Extra Keys?

If you have a lock in place and need extra keys cutting, be it for a spouse or multiples of keys for employees, we have a cheap fast key cutting service available.


Lost Keys?

This is always the annoying one, you've lost your keys and can't find them, or you're locked out of your property. If its a lockout we will do our utmost to make entry into the property destruction free. In some instances, the lock may need to be broken to gain entry, in these cases we will inform you of such before performing any work. As 9 times out of 10, the keys are inside the property and replacing the lock isnt required. If you have lost your keys or think they have been stolen, we would advise at this point that a full lock replacement would be best.

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